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Civil Litigation

​Sometimes, despite the most careful efforts and planning, a dispute will arise that cannot be walked away from. Discussion breaks down, written terms are disputed, trespasses occur, and money goes unpaid. Even the most reasonable individuals will sometimes find themselves embroiled in an irresolvable situation. The parties involved will need to turn to the court system for recovery, redress, and resolution.

Civil litigation is the process of submitting a private dispute to the court. At MBZ, our fully-experienced team of civil litigators can assist you with every type of civil dispute at every level and jurisdiction of the system. No matter what judicial relief you or your corporation might require, our team has the experience to help you, from the small claims jurisdiction to the various levels of courts of appeal. We strive hard to succeed on your behalf, with strong and sensible advocacy. We are committed to working with you at every stage of the process, ensuring you are informed, guided, and receiving the finest representation available.

The MBZ Civil Litigation team is your best choice for your civil litigation matter. Contact any one of our experienced civil litigators for prompt and professional service.