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Commercial Leases

The complex statutory and common law regimes which govern the world of commercial leasing are a minefield for the unwary landlord or tenant. Every commercial leasing transaction needs special attention in the context of the tenancy. The Leasing team at MBZ is your best resource for all your commercial leasing needs.

A lease is more than just a list of mutual responsibilities and liabilities. It is an ongoing and layered relationship, dependent on precision drafting that reflects the parties’ mutual intentions and compliance with the overarching laws. Many commercial lease agreements fall into default, dispute, and
litigation, owing to the failure to obtain legal advice and assistance at the onset.

As business people and lawyers, we at MBZ represent commercial landlords and tenants of all businesses and types of property, including single-unit storefront rentals, commercial units in multi-use condominium complexes, warehouses, commercial plazas and malls, and all retail and industrial spaces. In addition to assisting in the negotiation and drafting stages, we also assist in the management of your leasing portfolio, including risk and default management, and
recovery proceedings as required. The particular needs of not-for-profits and charities when engaged in commercial leasing are a special area of our expertise.

The Commercial Leasing team at MBZ is ready to assist you with your commercial leasing needs. Contact any one of our team for prompt and professional service.


The following lawyers specialize in Leases:

Stefan D. Bojeczko
Harry Perlis
Marvin J. Singer

Lorne Singer