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If you are a professional whose career is overseen by a professional body, and is subject to statutory regulation, the day may come where you face disciplinary proceedings by your regulatory body. Even the most careful professionals, whose records are spotless and who follow the standards of their profession with impeccable care, can be called to account by their professional college, society, association, or commission. It is often a painful and embarrassing process, one which consumes your time and energy, taking you away from your clients and your profession, and compromising your life and your business.

If you are called before a disciplinary panel, it is essential that you seek legal assistance immediately, before responding to any instigating documents. MBZ’s Disciplinary Proceedings team is available to help you from the moment you receive notice that your professional standards have been called into question. Don’t delay, or attempt to handle the matter without our professional advice. It is all too easy to give in to indignation and defensiveness, especially if you are the victim of a specious and vindictive complaint by a disgruntled client. No matter what the nature of the complaint, our team will ensure that you receive the benefit of its extensive experience in this important and specialized area of administrative law.

Our lawyers are here to help you. Contact us at your convenience to receive prompt and professional service.

Disciplinary Proceedings

The following lawyers specialize in Disclipinary Proceedings:

Stefan D. Bojeczko

Harry Perlis
Olena Brusentsova