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Estate Administration

The administration of an estate can be a daunting task. Executors and trustees face onerous duties and responsibilities. Even a simple and well-organized estate will involve unfamiliar and complex legal steps, as well as legal risks to the executor and trustee. It is not advisable to attempt the administration of any estate – testate or intestate, simple or complex – without the guidance and advice of the estate administration experts at MBZ.

At MBZ, we offer a range of services for those undertaking the administration of an estate. Our expertise covers the entire spectrum of estate administration, from the preliminary organization and inventory through to any required passing of accounts. In addition to the relevant applications for grants of certificates of appointment, we can provide services in attending to interim property management and preservation, locating of heirs, marketing of assets, business continuations, tax filings, and any other matter the deceased’s estate might entail. Whether attending to whatever tasks you direct for delegation, or in an advisory capacity, we have the experience and resources to ensure that the estate administration proceeds smoothly, quickly, and in a cost-efficient manner.

Executors and administrators will also appreciate our strong experience in
estate litigation, by which we can assist executors and trustees in avoiding potential disputes, risks, or missteps that could lead to litigation.

Before taking any steps in any estate administration, contact one of our Estate Administration lawyers for prompt and professional service.