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One of the most misunderstood areas of law is that of substitute decisions – the appointment of a third party to look after your assets (or your health care), should you become incapable of making those decisions yourself. While any mentally-capable person can execute documents known as Powers of Attorney, one for caring for property and another for health, attempting to draw these documents without legal assistance can lead to disastrous results.

At MBZ, we have seen many tragic situations where people have attempted to draw their own Powers of Attorney, or have become incapacitated without having had one drawn. Delays, disappointments,
litigation, property loss and even frauds have occurred by ill-thought-out appointments and/or improperly-drafted and executed Powers of Attorney documents. These are powerful documents, granting authority over your property and your life decisions. To ensure they are done properly and in accordance with a well-thought-out plan, you need the assistance of an MBZ legal expert.

At MBZ, we ensure that the process is neither time-consuming nor unreasonably expensive, so that your decision to deal with this important life step is easily facilitated.

Our firm also provides full services to families who are dealing with incapacity issues which require court appointment of guardians for the property and the person. 

Remember: without having executed Powers of Attorney while still capable, your family will face many obstacles in making even the most ordinary of property and personal care decisions. Contact one of our Powers of Attorney experts for timely and professional assistance. 

Powers of Attorney and Incapacity Law