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Contrary to some popular beliefs, everyone needs a will. To die without a will can leave relatives and friends hamstrung not only as to who will be in charge, but who will inherit your estate. Verbal wishes and do-it-yourself "will kits" are either of no effect, or cause expensive administrative problems and disputes that can drag on for years. The legacy of the "intestate" - a person who dies without a will - can be complex, expensive, and contentious.

At MBZ, our Wills and
Estates Planning team has decades of experience behind it. We are familiar with and sensitive to the specific needs of each individual, from the smallest detail to the broadest possible outcome. We understand the difference between the needs of young parents who seek to ensure that their family will be protected should tragedy strike, and those of an elderly widow or widower with multiple specific gifts they are anxious will make it into the right hands.

Your estate plan, which is the blueprint for your will, takes into consideration all aspects of your property. We examine and advise on potential tax liabilities (and possible savings), as well as recommend tools such as life insurance and family
trusts. We ensure that everything is accounted for: the succession of the family cottage, the guardianship of your children, the fate of your pets, even any wishes you might have for your funeral.

We have the knowledge and experience to make drafting your will a straightforward and comforting process. Don't leave your family and friends without direction, facing uncertainty and even litigation. Contact any one of our team members for prompt and helpful service.