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At MBZ, our Residential Real Estate team provides legal services that keep you informed and protected throughout the entire process, from offer to closing. Backed by a highly-trained staff of fully-qualified clerks, our lawyers will be there for you, whether you are buying, selling or mortgaging - or any combination thereof.

Buyers look to us to perform any requisite searches, as well as to advise and explain such crucial steps as the purchase of title insurance and arranging for
financing. Sellers will appreciate our careful attention in making sure the sale process - including the discharges of any mortgages or liens, and the settling of any title issues that might complicate the closing - is completed with professionalism and efficiency.

If you are refinancing your
mortgage, our team will strive to keep the changeover both simple and cost-efficient. We are able to provide quick turnarounds on the closing of refinancing transactions, while maintaining the highest professional standards.

For those seeking to sell or buy a home privately without engaging a realtor, our firm will make sure your interests are protected in the special considerations involved in “private sales.” We will help you with disclosure issues, marketing/advertising considerations (including listing options), and of course with drafting of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale.

We also represent private lenders (both commercial and individual) in the registration of their security, and in the ongoing management of their portfolios

Our rates are competitive, and our services will exceed your expectations. Contact any of our Residential Real Estate team members for immediate and helpful service.

Residential Real Estate